News: Netflix Acquires JG Ballard Sci-Fi Novel Hello America With Ridley Scott Producing

Netflix has acquired the film rights for the 1981 sci-fi novel Hello America, written by J.G. Ballard. First reported by Deadline, the deal was recently made at Cannes. ScotT Free's Ridley Scott, Kevin Walsh, and Michael Pruss will serve as producers. This is the second deal between Scott Free and Netflix, with War Party starring Tom Hardy being the first film between both parties.
The novel takes place in 2114, generations after an ecological disaster left North America virtually unlivable. A group of pioneers return to the ruins on a voyage of rediscovery and to determine the cause of increased radioactive fallout in England, with each member of the crew having their own agenda. They encounter various hazards along the way, including a crazed President. The novel is described as an adventure yarn that also subtlety parodies the American culture.