News: Netflix To Deliver The Original French Sci-Fi Series Osmosis

Netflix has to agreed to commission the French sci-fi drama Osmosis, its second original French-language television series. This furthers the push that Netflix is taking in providing European and French content, with more original European series expected to be announced before the end of the year.
The 8 episode series will take place in Paris, sometime in the near future. A new dating app has been created called Osmosis, which uses the brain's data to find true love with a 100% accuracy. The series will focus on the question of whether there is a price to be paid for allowing technology to access your mind and your deepest secrets. Producer Aude Albano said that:

“By giving us the opportunity to work on the production of ‘Osmosis’ Netflix offers us the tremendous opportunity to explore a rare genre in France: grounded sci-fi, which focuses on this universal question: does perfect love exist and at what price? We are eager to begin this audacious project in collaboration with Netflix and to surprise and delight their subscribers in France and around the world.”

The show was created by Audrey Fouche, who served as a writer for the French series The Returned. Fouche will serve as the showrunner, with production expected to begin in France in 2018.