News: Roger Corman Working On Death Squad And Death Race To The Finish

Legendary producer and filmmaker Roger Corman received the Master of Horror award at the Overlook Film Festival this past weekend, where he revealed some projects that he is currently developing. He spoke with Indiewire and revealed one project is Death Squad, inspired by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. Indiewire says that it will be about:

 “a post-apocalyptic world in which a tyrannical ruler orders extrajudicial killings supposedly to alleviate crime, which leads him to start killing anyone who disagrees with him.” Corman said that "it’s the most interesting story that I’m working on. [The main character is a] quasi-dictator, but not that bad a guy – he’s shaded little bit toward the black than shades of gray. He comes to the same conclusion [as Duterte], that the judicial system is corrupt, and he’s going to kill the criminals because he knows who they are. As he gets into it, he finds there’s an opposition to what he’s doing and he starts to say, ‘Well, that guy is against me. I think he’s a criminal. Let’s kill him.’ He starts saying he’s going to kill the criminals and ends up saying I’m going to kill anybody who resists me, but in his mind, it’s the same rationale… he’s expanding his interpretation of what a killer is."

He also revealed tat he is working on a final installment to the Death Race franchise, titled Death Race to the Finish. He said:

"It’s been my feeling that you don’t want to push a franchise too far. You have to know when to stop. [This title] fits the storyline I’m working on. It says, We’ve had a good run. It’s time to move on."