News: Turbo Kid Directors To Take On The Twisted Tale Summer Of '84

The directors of the post-apocalyptic horror cult hit Turbo Kid are set to direct Summer of '84. Fran├žois Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell of RKSS (Roadkill Superstar)are set to direct the film, which is based on a script from Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith. Gunpowder & Sky and Brightlight Pictures will produce the picture, Shawn Williamson, and Jameson Parker are also serving as producers. Van Toffler, CEO and co-founder of Gunpowder & Sky, said:

“How could we not bet on a writer associated with Straight Outta Compton and the directors of Turbo Kid to tell a twisted tale about a peaceful community where a serial killer threatens to shatter the suburban dream. It’s a bold, unexpected story told by breakthrough filmmakers, and it’s exactly the kind of novel film we want to make at Gunpowder & Sky.”

Production is expected to begin in July, with an end of the year release date. The official synopsis is below.

"The horror-thriller is set in 1984 and centers on 15-year-old neighborhood conspiracy theorist Davey Armstrong who suspects his police officer neighbor might be the serial killer all over the local news. He and his three best friends begin an investigation that soon puts them in danger."