News: Twin Peaks Revival Breaks Showtime Records

Who really knew what the Twin Peaks revival was going to do once it hit Showtime? The revival could have been a hit or miss. Although the original show still has a huge following, the cable outlet was counting on a larger audience tuning into the series through its multiple services including their streaming outlets. At first it looked bleak. But now, they're excited with the results. The show has been setting records across the board for Showtime. 

Even though The Return only garnered a 0.2 rating on the Nielsen system, it had an estimated half a million viewers for its first two episodes over the course of the first night. However, those numbers are now amplified with 1.7 million households tuning in for the first couple episodes via Showtime's app and various other platforms. For all intents and purposes, Twin Peaks is officially a hit again.

Bringing in the highest numbers of sign-ups for their streaming services, David Lynch might be able to start planning another season of the show because he's captured his old audience and is bringing in a whole new batch of younger fans.