Rumor Mill: The Rock Hints At The Expanded Fast and The Furious Franchise

The Fate of the Furious has been a global phenomenon. As the eighth entry in the long running series, the movie has gone on to be a continued box office juggernaut that's proven that people are still interested in seeing more from the franchise. After the loss of Paul Walker, many fans were not sure what would happen with additional installments. Well, it seems that the Fast and the Furious is not dying anytime soon. With the pairing of The Rock and Jason Statham stealing the thunder from the rest of the cast, it's been rumored that a Hobbs and Shaw spinoff might be on the way.  When speaking with Fandango, Dwayne Johnson had this to say:

“It’s an exciting time for us over there with the Fast and Furious movies because the goal over there, speaking as a producer, is to build out the universe and really give something back to the fans that they like. I will say this – we never anticipated the chemistry that Jason [Statham] and I would have. Now Jason and I love each other – we’re really good buddies. But putting us in those scenarios where we were feeding off each other’s jokes was just amazing. That chemistry really blossomed on-screen, and it informed us as to where we will go next.”

While this is no specific confirmation, it appears that The Rock is on board for trying to launch another movie that exists in the FF universe. These movies have always divided critics, but one thing is for sure. They're big dumb fun that satisfies a large audience.