Videos: 10 Animated Movie Mistakes You Might Not Have Caught

This is a new video from Screen Rant that lists 10 animated movie mistakes you might not have caught. Mistakes can be found in all movies. It's just a simple fact that despite all of the hard work that goes into producing a film, mistakes still end up making their way into the final cut. This is no different with animated movies, which take years to complete. Even though many animators are working on these big projects, errors still slip through the cracks. Check out the synopsis and video below.

"Animated films are some of the most difficult to make in the industry today. Depending on the film, it may take years to complete the gruelling task of animating the whole picture. Thankfully, the hard work more often than not pays off in the form of a classic, memorable hit from such studios like Disney and Dreamworks. But despite the hard work that goes into animating these features, the occasional mistake naturally makes its way into the final cut by accident. Whether it’s continuity errors or an unintentional plot hole, these animated movies all have some. From Zooptopia to Moana, from Sing to Secret Life of Pets, even the stop-motion Oscar nominated feature Kubo and the Two Strings had a few, but we gotta be honest-we had to do some serious digging to find much to talk about with that film. Even 2017 films aren’t perfect, as Lego Batman and the hit film Boss Baby have made accidental animation mistakes in their final cuts. But no matter how minor these mistakes may seem, the overall quality of the movies doesn’t change and we still love them all the same!"