Videos: 10 Disney Movies Kids Never Expected To Be So Dark

This is a new video from Screen Rant that lists 10 Disney movies kids never expected to be so dark. Walt Disney has a long and storied history with many stories that are based on some fairly dark material. While most of the films are toned down for children, there are ones that end up being way darker than they probably should have been. Check out the synopsis and video below. "

From the 1920’s onwards Disney has been a beloved animation studio, responsible for some of the best films the last century has had to offer. As a company they really understand how to tell a good story, and they know that the best stories require at least a small dark element. It gives the protagonists an adversary, something, or someone, to overcome, and most often it comes in the form of the antagonist, who tends to be working directly against the hero’s. Sometimes it is a case of an evil stepmother making their life miserable, like in Cinderella, and sometimes it develops into full-scale attempts at homicide, like in Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

Sometimes though, dark elements add up to become dark movies. Fantasia makes references to medieval demonology, something kids wouldn’t really understand, and probably shouldn’t, and the Hunchback of Notre Dame constantly makes use of Hell, sin, and moral evil. Films like Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 are cheery feats of animation, which also feature dark themes and terrifying scenes, such as having to watch some of our favourite characters nearly burn in an incinerator. Dalmatians features a potential dog skin coat, The Black Cauldron an army of skeletons, and the less said about Return to Oz, the better."