Videos: 14 Video Game Bosses Who Died Without You Actually Touching Them

This is a new video from GamingBolt that lists 14 video game bosses who died without you actually touching them. Sometimes it doesn't take weapons or a lengthy physical battle to defeat a boss, words and pre-installed storyline can also do the trick. There are times when the intent is never to take on the baddie, in order to further the plot. Clever twists can also lead to surprising endings where other characters intervene or friendships are formed. Check out the synopsis and video below.

"Video games often present us with deep moral dilemmas to see what we'd do. Would we ultimately defeat a boss and end its life, thus bringing closure to the story? Or would we spare their lives, perhaps being better than the villains who shaped us? Whatever the case may be, some bosses can just die without you touching them. Whether it's from story events or the power of speech, here are 15 video game bosses that died without you laying so much as a finger on them."