Anime Releases: Attack on Titan: S02 E35 - Reviewed

This season continues to impress even when Titans aren't taking center stage. This is another backseat episode where we explore Ymir's past and what led her to care so much for Christa. The friction with Reiner has simmered and now its coming to a boil. His and Ymir's mutual affection for Christa joins them together and drives them apart. It's an interesting dynamic that creates a thick fog of tension.

Again the rollercoaster of Attack on Titan is cranking us back up that hill for another gut-crunching drop later. While this is an action-light episode, gears are starting to spin, and grapple hooks are flying. They're building another big moment or series of moments, and the beautiful thing is we don't have any idea what in the hell that's going to be. That doesn't stop the hamster from spinning the wheels in our tiny little brains, though.

Where is Reiner and Bertholdt taking them? Why do they need to? Were they ordered to? Were they compelled to? Does Eren have a plan? Does Ymir? The questions never stop dropping in Attack on Titan. The connections never stop being made. Where does this all lead, damn it?! I want to know so bad! We all know--as fans--we all know the tricks being pulled on us. We're all very familiar with Titan's move set. We know how the illusion is created. We know the formula and yet every moment is no less captivating and no less energizing. Attack on Titan is infectious. They're doing a damn good job this season of letting us mice get a few nibbles even if we know their hand is behind this little game.

- H

- J.G. Barnes