Anime Releases: Attack on Titan: S02 E37 - Reviewed


Whirling with emotion and discovery, this newest Titan entry drops bomb after bomb. The cliffhanger of the previous episode put Eren face to face with his past, but our brains were left scattering with why. When is it not like that, though?

Returning directly to the moment we were left with, the action is still in full-tilt and the situation is dire. The Armored is still tossing Titans around like basketballs. Murders everywhere. Confusion is high. The situation doesn't look good and it keeps getting worse. Things aren't going like they should and at Eren's lowest point, one of the most beautiful, tender, and honest moments in the entire saga punctures a huge hole in the tension. Yet it doesn't end there. Oh, no.

Titan is the master of tease. I've never seen a show that tortures you more. The last several episodes were no doubt excellent, but some might say, "Too much dialog, not enough big Titan action." And I get that. Believe me, I thought there was nothing I wanted more each episode than to see a good Titan brawl, but this season has proven to me that maybe I don't know what I want until they give it to me. The balls on these writers be able to do exactly that. All we wanted was a cookie, but nah. Titan not only gives us a vanilla ice cream cone, but they put the sprinkles and cherry on top. Then they point our attention to the steaks for tomorrow's dinner and wink.

An incredulous "what" involuntarily escaped my lips as I witnessed exactly that kind of moment in this chapter. I need more. This sets a new precedent for Attack on Titan from here on out. Maybe the rules we thought we knew are an obfuscation of the truth? The genius of the writing lies in their ability to shock and surprise to no end--and the rules aren't impervious to that. I want to splurge every thought I have on every huge step taken this episode, but just know that the feels run high and brains will be tickled!

- J.G. Barnes
- H