Box Office News: Transformers 5 Crashes and Burns Domestically, Out Performs Internationally

This latest Transformers movie is struggling to stay afloat at the U.S. box office. Where other movies in this series have shown strong receipts over their opening week and weekend, The Last Knight came in with the lowest tally of all five films. At long last, the battle between Autobots and Decepticons is starting to show some weakness. Considering the lackluster stories from these last two entries, it's no doubt that the core domestic audience may be waning. 

I am Optimus Prime. My latest movie sucks. 

For the weekend, The Last Knight brought in only $45.3 million with a five day total of $69.2 million. This is not a great sign considering the original Michael Bay Transformers movie made $70 million over three days. When Dark of the Moon was released in made over $160 million for its five day haul. This definitely means people may be losing interest or are finally starting to expect better from their big budget blockbusters at least here in the U.S..

Where it really made its money was in the international market. With those grosses showing a massive $265 million total, we really don't think that Transformers will be going anywhere any time soon.