Box Office News: Transformers 5 To Under Perform

Michael Bay's Transformers series has done pretty great at the box office. Each movie has shown great legs in their theatrical runs despite some fan backlash and negative critical reviews. As massive action set pieces, they're quite entertaining. They've never really been about character development or story. With the fifth one hitting theaters tonight, it seems that interest may be starting to dwindle just in time for their attempt at spinning these off into other films centered on singular Transformers. 

Early reports are showing that The Last Knight will have the weakest opening of any of the entries in the entire series. Current numbers are tracking at only $75 million for the five day haul between Wednesday and Sunday. All the other Transformers movies have made $100 million or more over a three day weekend. This does not bode well for the property. 

2017 is gearing up to be the worst summer on record for franchise tentpole films.