Box Office News: Wonder Woman Has Highest DCEU Second Weekend Take

There is no doubt that Wonder Woman is going to continue beating records. 

As the best film in their expanding DC universe of cinematic releases, it's the best story wise and has received a mostly positive critical response. And it deserves every bit of praise that's being given. Gal Gadot is a perfect Wonder Woman and Patty Jenkins obviously knows how to direct a great comic book movie. 

With only one other major release hitting theaters this weekend, Wonder Woman will still remain the leader of the pack. Up against the new Tom Cruise Mummy reboot, the heroine is going to make another $57 million in the U.S. which will push its domestic total to $200 million over two weekends. Adding in all other foreign box office totals, this record breaker will already be at $400 million worldwide. The movie is only seeing a 47 percent drop off over the two weekends. This is almost unheard of and is the biggest second weekend for any DC film. Most blockbusters will see a 60 percent or higher drop.