Box Office News: Wonder Woman Thrives. Pirates Sinks. Alien Covenant Lost in Space.

After nearly 75 years of Wonder Woman existing as a comic book character, she has finally arrived in her own solo theatrical film which absolutely destroyed the box office this past weekend. With lower estimates set, the Gal Gadot led DC property hit a new benchmark in its first weekend in theaters. Wonder Woman made over $100 million in domestic sales between Thursday late night showings and Sunday. Considering this is DC's most positively received movie since the launch of their cinematic universe, this is great news for the brand and fans. 

Coming in second was the Captain Underpants movie which also went against initial estimates. The family movie made an estimated $23.5 million. With a low budget of $38 million, this adaptation is sure to spawn a sequel. 

Third up was the latest Pirates of the Caribbean with $21.6 million. This is a huge drop off for the Jack Sparrow adventure. It was a 65.7 percent drop from its opening weekend. This shows that this series may not have a peg leg to stand on for much longer. Other Pirates movies have maintained their stead at the box office for much longer. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Baywatch hit the number four and five spots as Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant is proving that the idea of prequel-izing every franchise may not be the greatest of ideas. In its third weekend, it only made $4 million. As it stands, the latest battle against the Xenomorph has only grossed $67 million domestically. This is a very bad sign.