Box Office News: Wonder Woman To Lasso The Competition This Weekend

With the divisive Batman v Superman behind us and the dregs of Suicide Squad a distant memory, it appears there's a new girl in town. The Wonder Woman solo film is set to take the box office by storm this weekend. Previous to the movie's release there was negativity related to the marketing claiming that the film didn't have the same push as other DC movies. However, none of that matters right now because the famous female super hero is going to be a massive hit for the studio. 

Early reports are showing that Wonder Woman is tracking for a huge domestic opening somewhere between $65-70 million for the weekend. However, it looks like these numbers may not be reported correctly. With the movie hitting 4150 theaters in the first weekend, some reports are showing that it may bring in nearly $90 million for the three day take. This will be huge for DC as they try to shake off the dust and get everyone on board for the upcoming Justice League entry.