Casting News: Jennifer Connelly Boards Snowpiercer TV Show

2013's Snowpiercer film adaptation was a massive cult hit that still continues to draw in new followers. 

Following on the heels of the films success, a TV adaptation was announced that will turn the project into a more detailed version of the futuristic plot about class warfare aboard a post-apocalyptic train. With Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson confirmed as a director and producer on the upcoming show, casting has begun. 

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this show is that Jennifer Connelly has just been cast as one of the leading first class passengers aboard the Snowpiercer. With an eclectic film career that's never really lent itself to television, Connelly will be one piece of the violent puzzle aboard the cursed frozen train. She will be playing Melanie Cavill or the 'Voice of the Train'. 

The dystopian action adventure saga is just getting underway. We'll update as more announcements are made about the series.