Livestream Coverage: Good News, Everyone!: Futurama is the Show that Cannot Be Killed!

To commemorate the impending release of the new Futurama mobile phone game, Worlds of Tomorrow, the cast of the show hosted a livestream table reading of the sixth-season episode, “Proposition Infinity.” Thousands of fans tuned in via the official Futurama Facebook page ( to watch their favorite voice actors bring the episode to life and celebrate the animated program’s lasting appeal.

The mobile game, which will be released by Jam City / TinyCo on June 29th, has been developed by the show’s original creators, and boasts guest performances by the likes of Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye the Science Guy and George Takei alongside the regular cast in a character-filled romp through the optimistic future of the Matt Groening series. Executive Producer David X. Cohen promised during the livestream Q & A that those who enjoy the side puzzles found in many Futurama episodes, such as alien language codes and numerous math jokes, will find some delightful surprises in addition to the regular gameplay, as well. Worlds of Tomorrow promises to be a lot of fun – especially with such chances for “extra credit”, as Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick, who also lends his voiceover talents to the game, joked during the stream.

The table reading itself featured most of the regular cast of Futurama – John DiMaggio (Bender / URL), Lauren Tom (Amy and Inez Wong), Maurice LaMarche (Kif / Morbo / Hedonismbot / Hyperchicken), Phil LaMarr (Hermes / Preacherbot), Tress MacNeille (Linda / Leela), David Herman (Roberto / Scruffy), and Billy West (Fry / Professor Farnsworth / Dr. Zoidberg / Smitty / Leo Wong) all joined Cohen to perform a complete table reading of “Proposition Infinity,” in which Bender and Amy begin a forbidden “robosexual” relationship and must fight the powers that be for the right to marry. Katey Sagal, who voices Leela in the series, was unable to be present at the reading – but she is featured in the game, as is Frank Welker, who voices Nibbler.

Following the episode’s reading, the cast answered questions from the live audience, revealing their favorite minor Futurama characters (Roberto is a definite cast favorite) and discussing the intellectual and educational backgrounds of the show’s producers, writers and other major contributors. Groening himself made a brief appearance, and Jam City CEO Chris DeWolfe came onstage to thank all those responsible for the new game’s development. It was a fantastic night for Futurama fans, with tons of laughs and inside information about Worlds of Tomorrow.

John DiMaggio and Lauren Tom
Chris Dewolfe

David X. Cohen

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow will include additional content created by the original series’ writing team in the form of new mini-episodes throughout the game. During the livestream, Hardwick noted that Futurama is “the show that cannot be killed”, as its fans so love it that they’ve followed it from network to network and beyond cancellation to syndication, streaming platforms and sites. This game is for everyone, but especially for them, and everyone involved promises some great surprises in store.

The game has an official website currently at, and will be available for download from iTunes and Google Play app stores on June 29th

All Glory to the Hypnotoad!

-Dana Culling