News: Avatar 2 To Be Released in Glasses Free 3D

When the first Avatar was released, it changed the world of 3D forever.

After years and years of waiting, James Cameron is finally working on the sequels to his science fiction film. With a release schedule that will put the franchise back in theaters in 2020, 2021, 2024, and 2025, he's currently looking to try fresh new things with the long awaited return to the world of Jake Sully and his other worldly blue friends. There will be 11 years between movies which means cinematic tech will have seen a vast change and tons of momentum between movies. 

Cameron has always been an envelope pusher for technology and its ever advancing uses for the production of his films. Now, breaking news states that he's looking to continue moving forward with the most advanced 3D viewing experience we've ever seen. His Lighstorm Entertainment in partnership with Christie Digital will be releasing the first sequel in glasses free 3D with an RGB laser projection system. It's a 'pure laser system' that projects 60,000 lumens in a high frame rate.