News: Bryan Singer Hands The X-Men Film Franchise To Simon Kinberg

After years and years of working on the X-Men films, Bryan Singer has officially passed the franchise on to new director Simon Kinberg. Singer was around for some of the best of the franchise, some mild mediocrity, and had a profound effect on shaping the filmed universe as a whole. With the the Dark Phoenix saga finally getting a proper cinematic version that won't cut corners like Brett Ratner's horrendous take on the classic story, Mr. Singer is ready to hand the reigns to Kinberg. 

Kinberg was attached as a producer on Apocalypse, Days of Future Past, and First Class. Now he'll finally get his chance behind the camera in his first outing as a director on X-Men: Dark Phoenix. This seems to be a gamble considering it's such a high profile project, but it seems that Singer and the studio both have faith in his talents and his previous work on the franchise. 

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is currently in pre-production and is scheduled for a release some time in 2018.