News: Danny Elfman To Score Justice League

With DC finally getting their properties in line and Wonder Woman being a major box office success, the finalization of Justice League is being worked on. Despite a mid-edit switch of directors due to the sad happenings in Snyder's family, the project is making headway on reshoots and final touches. Considering the mixed reactions the Batman v Superman, everyone is hoping that the upcoming team up of the biggest and baddest DC characters will deliver the goods. 

Now, things seem to be getting even better. One of our all time favorite composers has signed on to score the film. Danny Elman is taking over the musical duties of Justice League and will create an original soundtrack for the feature. If that's not exciting news, we don't know what is. 

Elfman scored the Tim Burton Batman and his follow-up Batman Returns. He's also worked on various hero franchises like Raimi's Spiderman saga and Hellboy amongst dozens of others.