News: Lynda Carter Cameo For Wonder Woman 2

One thing that was definitely missing from the new Wonder Woman movie was any type of appearance of the former tv show star, Lynda Carter. Fans have commented on the lack of Carter in this weekend's blockbuster release and director Patty Jenkins has already responded with positivity that they're going to try their damnedest to make it happen. 

When Carter starred as the female heroine on the television show, she helped bring female heroes into the fray and made it much more acceptable and even helped popularize the character beyond her already legendary status. With that said, perrhaps a cameo in the first movie would have stood out too much, but they tried. Apparently, they couldn't make the scheduling work. 

So, Jenkins now says she is hard at work making a spot for Carter in the upcoming sequel. It'll be pretty amazing to see them both on screen together.