News: Meg Writer Gets The Loch Optioned As A Film

With movies about sharks and other sea creatures taking a bite out of human prey on the rise, it seems that the trend will continue over the next few years. Movies like The Shallows, 47 Meters Down, Open Water and many others have become instant favorites for fans of the sub-genre. Now it appears that another beast from the deep is making another run at the box office. 

Steve Alten's The Loch is currently being optioned as a movie. While no one has picked it up yet, it appears that the property may eventually hit theaters. Apparently, Meg producer Belle Avery is heading up the project and is seriously trying to get this project picked up. The story deals with the mythical Loch Ness monster and was a big seller back in 2005.

Maybe we're seeing a massive resurgence of these types of movies. Back in the '70s we got tons of flicks about sharks, killer whales, and numerous other blood thirsty sea creatures. It's time for a resurgence.