News: Saw Sequel Officially Titled Jigsaw

 The eight film in the horror franchise had been under the working title Saw: Legacy. It was announced that the official title is Jigsaw. This is the first Saw picture in seven years and will premiere on October 27, 2017. It was shot in November and is now in post-production. The franchise has revolved around John Kramer, who was the original version of the Jigsaw character. Tobin Bell is appearing in some fashion, but it isn't clear on how he will be reprising his role as Kramer. The synopsis is as follows:

"Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one man: John Kramer. But how can this be? The man known as Jigsaw has been dead for over a decade. Or has an apprentice picked up the mantle of Jigsaw, perhaps even someone inside the investigation?"

It was written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, directed by Peter and Michael Spierig, and stars Mandela Van Peebles, Laura Vandervoort, Brittany Allen, Callum Keith Rennie, Matt Passmore, Hannah Emily Anderson, Josiah Black, Shaquan Lewis, Michael Bolsvert, and James Gomez.