News: Warner Bros. Moves Ahead With Twilight Zone Movie And Hires Fringe/Falling Skies Writer

Perhaps one of the biggest science fiction genre properties of all time, the Twilight Zone movie is once again moving forward with Warner Bros. finally deciding it's time to get the name back into cinemas. After the original Rod Serling tv series, there have been numerous incarnations of the show. From the disastrous John Landis film to a revitalized television series in 2002, the Twilight Zone is repeatedly being brought back from the dead. 

Now, work is breaking that writer Christine Lavaf is working on a treatment for the film. She's been behind the scenes on shows such as Fringe and Falling Skies. The film is being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way. 

No word has been released on when they're planning on getting the film into theaters. All that matters is that we are finally getting more Twilight Zone. Amen.