Release News: Batman - Mask of the Phantasm Finally Getting a Remastered Blu-Ray Release

Long hailed as the best Batman movie ever, Mask of the Phantasm is finally getting a proper remastered blu-ray release. Long revered as a critical part of the Batman chronology, the movie was an offshoot of the animated series and tells of a new villain, The Phantasm. With a massive voice cast, it's undoubtedly a great animated feature that captures the essence of DC's greatest hero. 

For years now, fans have clamored for a HD release of the movie in an upgraded format. Now, they're finally getting it. Just announced by the Warner Archive Collection, the blu-ray will be released in its original 16x9 theatrical ratio and also a matte 4x3 format. It will be a full HD remaster with added clarity and better audio. 

There is still no word on what special features will be included on the disc. As of this posting, the only thing that's being listed is the theatrical trailer.