Rumor Mill: Jabba The Hutt To Appear in Han Solo Film

Over the past week or so, the Han Solo spin-off movie has been put through the ringer. With the firing of the film's directors and numerous negative new items swirling about the project, fans are quickly becoming more than worrisome about the upcoming Star Wars flick. While many loyal followers are not even sure this is a necessary piece of the galaxy far far away, Kathleen Kennedy is sure to get this thing into theaters some time in 2018. Considering the hiring of an acting coach for the lead Alden Ehrenreich and the late hire of Ron Howard in the directorial chair, things do not look too great for the Solo project. 


Now, rumors are hitting the web that Han Solo's arch nemesis Jabba The Hutt will be a key part in the movie. That Hashtag Show is stating that an inside source has leaked the info. As we all already know, Jabba was a key player in the development of the character. It seems that space gangster was a part in the Lord & Miller script and will most likely remain as a key element of the prequel story. Early word is stating that the return of Jabba will be part animatronic and part CGI which may lend itself to a better recreation of the character more in line with what we saw in Return of the Jedi. 

Jabba was already a part of Han's known history on film. With Lando also making a return, this rumor just might be true. Now, we wait and see if this thing turns out to be the debacle we're all expecting.