TV: The Mist - S01 E01 - (Reviewed)

Years after Stephen King's story was turned into a cinematic film, Spike TV is here with a new adaptation that will extend his work into a full televised series. 

Replete with small town King tropes and stunning visuals, this new version kicks off with the brutality we'd expect and an excellent introduction to some great everyday type characters. What is definitely going to be a newer, interesting spin on the story we already know, this take on The Mist has the same image quality as The Walking Dead or other horror based shows and gives us a batch of modern people that are flawed and fill out a wide array of personalities and back stories. Shrouded in well written mysteries and the unveiling of the feared mist, this first episode is definitely a great start. 

Unlike many film to tv translations, Spike's show doesn't play it too closely to the movie. Where some translations might directly rip the film plot in their pilot episode, The Mist is a whole new animal that spends most of its time letting us know that we won't be getting a carbon copy here. With a few corny a-typical high school drama narrative bits, it's apparent they're trying to appeal to a wide audience that enjoys other genre based series like Stranger Things or shows that blend sci-fi and horror. Using a slow paced roll out that takes its dramatics very seriously, the familiarity is there but the story takes wide leaps towards effecting its own persona.

Great horror succeeds by giving its audience characters we care about and can feel an attachment to. The televised Mist immediately delivers on captivating story points, interesting introductions, bits of tension, and conspiratorial elements that feel relevant to modern times. With a cast that feels natural and totally unforced, The Mist has the markings of what could be a major hit for Spike. Sometimes the show has eerie similarities to Under the Dome with its long shots of impending doom. But it still feels freshly conceived for the smaller screen. Changing the setting from a party store to a mall will definitely be a smart change of pace for die hard fans of the movie.

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Where am I? This isn't Six Feet Under?
Who knows if this well ever go extremely dark or how violent it will get, yet this first episode seems to be hitting all the right marks in its first hour. Deaths are dealt. Blood is shed. And The Mist seems to be off to a rolling start. If you've ever liked Stephen King or are a loyalist to televised horror, I think you'll want to see this show. 

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