Videos: He-Man And It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Get An Animated Mash-Up

This is a new animated short from neatOco that parodies He-Man and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, mashing them up into a new series titled It's Always Sunny in Eternia. The first episode is titled The Gang Becomes Space Barbarians: and the episode synopsis is below. 

"In the pilot episode of It's Always Sunny In Eternia: The Gang Becomes Space Barbarians, we meet the owners of the Grayskull Pub, He-Dennis, Sweet Deela, Mac-At-Arms, Orklie, and Frank RamManolds and their unibrowed arch enemies, The McSkeletors."

You really need to be a fan of Philly in order to fully appreciate this, as everything is spoofed from the TV series. That being said it is very funny and I was disappointed that it is just under 2 minutes long. I really wanted to see a full episode. Hopefully, they will have more coming soon.