Videos: Top 10 Controversial Moments in Superhero Movies

This is a new video from that lists the top 10 controversial moments in superhero movies. We already know that comic book movies are completely picked apart and scrutinized by their fan base. One small miscalculation by the studio and filmmakers can anger the fans and in a negative reception from critics and fans. Check out the synopsis and video below.

"Not every superhero movie can soar to the top - some are fated to fall flat on their faces. For these films, it's pretty obvious what stopped them from earning the critical reception they'd hoped for, be it a misused character or villain, an out-of-place scene, or a series of missed opportunities to do something interesting based on the already well-established source material. Many films are guilty of this, from the ridiculously silly Howard the Duck, to the earnest yet flawed Superman Returns, to the complete misstep that was Catwoman, among many, many others."