Videos: Top 10 WORST Live Action Anime Films

This is a new list form that lists the top 10 worst live-action anime films. Any type of adaptation is going to inevitably receive harsh criticism from at least some of the fans, regardless of what the source material is. Live-action anime adaptations are destined to be even more criticized, much like comic books they have a strong and very vocal fan base. Depending on your tastes, you may actually enjoy some of the movies that are contained in this list. Check out the synopsis and video below.

"These live action movies are an insult to their original anime material. We may have no idea how they got made, but since we've had to suffer through them let's see which are the absolute worst. Will your least favorite movie adaptations like Dragon Ball Evolution, Fist of the North Star, Attack on Titan, Blood: The Last Vampire, City Hunter, Gantz: Perfect answer, and other garbage appear on the list? You bet. They can be from America or Japan, we won't discriminate, fact is these films suck."