Casting News: Hugh Jackman Cast as Scar in Upcoming Lion King Movie

With Hugh Jackman's turn as Logan/Wolverine in the X-Men universe finally retired, the actor is on the prowl for newer franchises to inhabit. As Disney has already made massive hits out of their Beauty and the Beast live action film and The Jungle Book being a massive hit, the house of the mouse is working on bringing several more of their powerhouse titles back into cinemas with huge actors starring in them.  

Next up for Disney is their retelling of the The Lion King which we're imagining will be in the same vein as the previously mentioned Jungle Book. Using their amazing visual effects work, the story of Simba will be hitting cinemas some time in the next couple years. And, Hugh Jackman has just signed on to play the main antagonist of the feature, Scar. Jeremy Irons voiced the character in the animated film. 

Fans of the original animated film know that Scar is one off the baddest villains of all time. Jackman will be perfect for this role and will definitely be an awesome addition to the movie. This news has apparently been leaked via a Disney staff person at the D23 convention this weekend.