Crowdfunding: Contribute To The Horror Film Book Of Monsters And Help Decide What Happens In The Movie

This is the trailer and additional information for the upcoming horror film Book of Monsters, which recently began a Kickstarter campaign.
It is being described on the campaign as the first horror movie where the backers influence elements of the story. I can't think of anyone that has tried to do this before, but it's bloody brilliant! It's the choose-your-adventure version of a horror movie and it gets the fans even more invested in the product than ever before. There are six things that backers will be able to vote on after they have contributed; the monsters, a gruesome death, a mysterious gift, an uninvited guest, a last resort weapon, and the horror trope that needs to die. Below are the images from the campaign detailing each item and the different voting options.

They have currently received around 10% backing and have 17 days left, so hurry and contribute. There are the normal rewards like DVD and Blu-rays, T-Shirts, and posters, along with some unique items like art prints and signed books. The movie looks to be a ton of fun and boasts some impressive looking practical effects. Visit their Kickstarter to find out more information and to also contribute.  Check out the synopsis and trailer below.
"BOOK OF MONSTERS is a female lead, action packed monster movie drawing inspiration from the cult horror cinema of the 80s and 90s including Scream, Gremlins and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. With sick, gory practical creature effects and a dark comedic edge, the film will be a fun, bloody and sexy trip back to a time when making it through high school was truly life or death."