Crowdfunding: It's A Deadly Night Out In The Upcoming Horror Film Safe Place

This is a crowdfunding campaign for the upcoming horror film Safe Place.
It is scheduled to be released around February 2018, with shooting expected to take place in late 2017. The cast and crew are a collection of talent who should be well known among horror fans. Nicholas Hunt is directing from a script written by Rue Morgue’s Preston Fassel and Penny Sublime, and it was being produced by Johnny Macabre (Be My Cat, Don't Fuck in the Woods, Betsy). It stars Ashley Mary Nunes (All Through the House), Lara Jean Mummert (2 Jennifer), Lloyd Kauffman, Genoveva Rossi (Death House, BloodMania), Gabrielle Anne Henry (Blood Widow), Kat Kemmet, James Robert Taylor, Yvelisse Cedrez, Jimmy Wienholz, David E. McMahon, Nick Graffeo, Kinsey Krutzler, Rakeem Hunter, Alyson Ryskamp, John Gettier, Ethan Johns, and Nathaniel Matos. The cinematographer for the trailer was Sophia Cacciola and it was be edited by Michael J. Epstein, the co-directors of Blood of the Tribades. They served as proxy crew in California to shoot the trailer. A minimalist poster was created by Arturo Portillo, director of the upcoming film Beaten. In a Facebook live video, they also announced that Alyss Winkler (Plankface, Space Babes from Outer Space) will be a cast member as well. There will be an Emmy award winning actor/horror icon who will be revealed at a later date. They secured a first look distribution deal with Terror Films, distributor of Night of Something Strange, Hell House LLC, and many more.

They have a funding goal of $40,000, which is a more than reasonable goal for an indie horror project. Visit their campaign, perks, and contribute here and like their Facebook page to stay updated. Check out the synopsis and trailer below.

"Chris Craven, who you'd never know it but has had a horrible tragedy happen to him and his family, and he lives in constant fear and holds tremendous anger for the world outside. One night he crosses the paths of six youths who are all out to support their friend Lori's art gallery opening, her last opening before the six graduate college. In celebration they accept an invitation to the Craven household, for what they believe to be a night of fun, and what transpired that night was something they'd never forget, a night where they would be forced to fight to make it back out alive."