Movie Sleuth Gaming: Notable Releases July 2017

Splatoon 2

After a couple years and new Nintendo console, the sequel to my personal 2015 ‘Game of the Year’ has arrived. Splatoon 2 brings back all the squids and kids that you know and love, all the fantastical ink weaponry, the competitive gameplay, and new includes even more new weapons, skills, maps, and gamemodes. After playing in the beta tests, there is nothing massively groundbreaking, but with tight and fun gameplay (and a growing install base of switch users) I think the follow up to Splatoon will be a smash hit. Splat even more squid teens on July 21st, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.


Riding high off the success of Bastion and Transistor comes Pyre,the third title from Gamespot alum Greg Kasavin and his team over at Supergiant Games. Pyre is a unique strategy  RPG with sports elements that takes as much influence from Transistor as it does from NBA Jam and is sure to be unique and awesome. Take control of the Reader and compete against other exiles  in ancient competition spread across a vast, mystical purgatory July 25th on PS4 and Windows PC.

Kirby’s Blowout Blast

Something of a dark horse and sudden release date announcement, Kirby’s Blowout Blast coms out in just a few days. While this is a full-fledged 3DS title, what Blowout Blast is truly is an expansion on one of the mini-games from last year’s little talked about gem Kirby Planet Robobot. It takes traditional Kirby gameplay and throws in a dash of speed-running as you complete stages in record time. Suck and blow with your pink blob friend July 6th on the Nintendo 3DS.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

I have had mixed feelings on the current trend of ‘HD remake all the things!’ but, in this case think it may be appropriate. FFXII was a late-generation PS2 game with very new and interesting systems that I think has value in the current day. On top of that, this game takes place on Ivalice, one of the only Final Fantasy game settings to span multiple titles (including my personal favorite, Final Fantasy Tactics). Control the powers of the Zodiac on the Playstation 4 on July 11th.

Hey! Pikmin

The Pikmin series has branched out into new genres with Hey! Pikmin coming to the 3DS as a new 2D platformer. Olimar and is carrot-like alien pals solve similar puzzles, fight giant creatures, and explore uncharted worlds not unlike in the series past, but all from a new perspective. Considering the popularity of the Switch, this may be amongst the last handful of 3DS exclusives to get your hands on, get it on the Nintendo 3DS on July 28th.

-Justin Wicker