New Horror Releases: Tonight She Comes (2017) Reviewed

There has been a resurgence lately that's attempting to bring back old school '80s style horror. Tonight She Comes is the latest entry that blends themes of witchcraft, slasher elements, and the dark cabin in the woods feel made so popular by the Evil Dead and dozens of other mainstay pieces of iconic terror. Using some cool graphics work and practical gore, this release gains some positive points that are ultimately swayed by a story that needed much more work. 

Ripe with a synth score and pounding retro sounding tones of decades past, Tonight She Comes is a fitting tribute that mixes the female survival sub-genre with the blood curling gore of Cabin Fever. With barely any budget whatsoever, this little indie flick creates a fitting amount of tension with playful nudity and an atmosphere befitting the type of movie they're going for with this obvious nod to the sexually charged flicks of an era lost. Set in the backwoods with a crew of horny post-teens, a strange series of events is set forth as the cast is put through a night of hell infused terror that includes plenty of boob shots and a devilish underpinning that plays as part satire/part straight gore fest. 

Sadly for this entire production, the setup is let down by an underdeveloped script and nonsensical plot elements. Just as the story gets going, new characters appear and the entire movie begins to unravel quicker than I can say 'hot and bloody fully nude chick with a knife'. Apparently, the idea for this movie was to cram as much in as possible as they piss away their awesome score and a cast that could have actually served the purpose of carrying a better horror flick. It has that specific look that they were going for. The players don't hesitate in their performances. And a (completely wasted) creeper antagonist is freaky as hell. Unfortunately, there should have been more prep work done to get this thing ready to shoot. It feels rushed and mildly perplexing at times. 

Looks like you made a mess of my face. Can we do that again?

There is a great and moody piece of genre art in here somewhere. It just feels like the people behind the movie had too much to say and too many tributes they wanted to pay with Tonight She Comes. There are pieces of the bloody puzzle that work really well and there are moments that definitely strike a horrifying chord. It's the ultimate presentation that fails them. Instead of creating a mythology that's interesting or new, pieces from an exponential amount of films are thrown at the screen which causes mental mayhem for their viewing audience. However, I do think there will be a crowd for this movie. Some die hards will probably take pleasure in what they've created here. Bits and pieces are absolutely great. This is a rare case in which the whole is not equal to the parts. What could have been another The Void fails to capture the same type of relevance. 

Stay for the end though. It's worth it.