New Horror Releases: WTF! The Movie (2017) - Reviewed

After a two year hold on its release, Peter Herro's play on meta horror is finally getting a release. Like a profane teen party comedy that relies on satirical energy from its younger cast, WTF! has a goofball plot that pokes fun at our favorite genre flicks as it mixes modern themes into a better than average slasher film. 

Screams are a plenty. High school hallways are roamed. And blood flows from the bodies of spring breakers that just want a marijuana addled sex romp in the woods. Amazingly enough, Herro's spin on the female survivalist sub-genre is fresh and poses a new situation that hasn't been tried in horror before. Where sequels are a constant for slashers and wood dwelling killers, WTF! is it's own sequel of sorts. Our female lead has already been through a night of hell as the movie starts. Herro's film puts her back in the crosshairs of death 3 years later. Through genital mutilation, head smashing, and throat slashing fun, the events that unfold are both similar but amusing and hilariously refreshing. 

From the gas station hillbilly that warns the teens of impending doom to the standard personality variances in teenage characters, WTF! is self aware horror that doesn't quite hit the high points of Cabin in the Woods but plays to the strengths of loose acting and a cast that feels like they're actually friends in real life. Using sex antics, mild sapphic erotica, original kills, decent gore effects, and bro dude humor, Herro manages to pull decent performances from an amateur cast and draws parallels to some of the best stalker movies we've seen. Does it reach greatness? No. But it's certainly entertaining most of the way through. 

Okay. Who wants a shower with the hot chick?

Where Herro falters is in his conclusion. Instead of trying to stay ahead of the game, he fails to create an ending that doesn't feel truncated. Audiences will see exactly what path he's going to choose and it's a vital letdown to everything that happens before. If he had maintained his grip on creating better tension and a more solvent resolution during the climax, there would be a much better chance of horror junkies latching on to this thing. It just seems like they had so much going for this movie that falls apart during the last fifteen minutes. 

If you're looking to spend some time with familiar tropes and a little bit of perfectly placed nudity thrown in for good measure, I'd say check this one out.