News: Australian Sci-Fi Thriller 1 Begins Production This Week

The Australian sci-fi thriller 1 begins filming in South East Queensland, Australia this week. South East Queensland has previously played host to Terra Nova, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Thor: Ragnarok. It is written and being directed by Robert Braiden ( the short films Ink, Black Betty, The Housewife, and True Love), the director of photography is Damien Lipp (co-director of Watch the Sunset, the first Australian film to be one-take) stars Dan Ewing (Home & Away), and is from Truant Productions. Ewing will play the last man on Earth, who goes on a long and perilous journey in search of personal redemption. The full synopsis is below.

"Reckless car hooner Darren (Dan Ewing, TVs Home & Away) lives for the thrill of high-speed highway racing and burnouts. His life is going nowhere fast while his adoring girlfriend Misha dreams of them settling down and for Darren to do something more meaningful with his life. When Darren causes a car crash that injures Misha she decides to leave.

Now alone and guilt-ridden, Darren is forced to confront his behaviour until the arrival of an alien invasion throws his life into chaos as humanity is quickly wiped out. His love for Misha compels him to begin a long and dangerous journey to find her, and along the way he must survive alone in the wild, battle his guilt, and stay one step ahead of the alien ships that relentlessly search for him."

Braiden spoke about the project, saying that:

"1 is unique in that it truly shows the very last person on earth – literally no one else is left. Films such as The Quiet Earth, I Am Legend, The World The Flesh and The Devil all hint that they are last-person-on-earth films, yet all end up introducing other characters. 1 is different. From the action and dangerous excitement of high-speed racing to the quiet and solitude of the natural world, 1 will be a profoundly moving and powerful look at life, love, destiny and being able to let go of the material world in order to find new truths."

Producer Tristan Barr (co-director of Watch the Sunset) added that: "1 is set to be the most original, exciting and even groundbreaking independent science-fiction feature film ever produced in Australia. A big-screen film that not only will showcase some of the most stunning scenery here, it will also move and inspire audiences with its universal story of love and forgiveness."

1 begins production this week with an expected release date sometime in 2018.