News: Highway to the Sequel Zone: Top Gun 2 Gets A Release Date And A Director

There have been talks of a Top Gun sequel for years now. Each time the project begins to take off, things seem to crash and burn again. With the untimely passing of Tony Scott, the movie was once again thrown in to development hell with minor rumblings still continuing about it eventually getting made. Now after a wait that spans decades, it looks like Top Gun 2 is finally going to see the danger zone one more time. 

tom cruise

With Tom Cruise officially signed on for the project and Val Kilmer petitioning to make his own return, the sequel has a formal release date of July 12, 2019. Deadline is also reporting that Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski has boarded the follow up to one of the biggest movies of the '80s. 

Now all we need is another killer soundtrack and all will be well in the world.