News: Legion Creator Noah Hawley Developing A Doctor Doom Solo Film

Comic-Con always manages to deliver big news and surprises, this time in the form of a Doctor Doom solo movie that is being developed by Legion creator Noah Hawley. The news came from the Legion panel at Comic-Con where Hawley said he was developing a film at Fox that fans would be interested in, saying: simply
"Two Word. Doctor. Doom."
According to THR, Hawley is hoping to direct the project, but is currently just developing it. It isn't entirely clear if that's in the capacity of producer, writer, or both. Fox has been looking for a way to revive the Fantastic Four franchise in some way since the disastrous 2015 reboot. Doctor Doom has appeared in all three Fantastic Four films, played Justin McMahon in the first two and Toby Kebbell in the most recent one.