News: Luc Besson Has Already Written Valerian 2

If anything can be said for Luc Besson, it's that he's 100 percent unpredictable.
From his early days of films like The Big Blue and The Professional to his massive science fiction epic, The Fifth Element, the man has never been held down by studio heads or the film system. 

His latest feature, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets has been getting mixed early reviews. Some have hailed it as a return to form for the director and others have called it a bloated mess. Set against an alternative funding method that gave him nearly $210 million to use towards the movie, it is said to almost certainly fail in the U.S.. Not that it really matters if it blows up in Europe and other overseas markets. 

With all that said, Besson is a visionary that probably won't be harmed by the success or failure of the movie. In fact, he's so sure of himself that he's already completed the writing on his Valerian 2 and is apparently moving forward with script elements for a third movie in the trilogy.