News: The Purge 4 Gets A New Director

The Purge series has been an undoubtedly huge hit for the studio. By breaking away from horror norms, the franchise came at a perfect time when genre fans were looking for something new to satisfy their taste for terror and mayhem. Blending old school scares with a modern spin on survivalist horror and current trends about societal woes, the movies appeal to a vast audience that loves on screen deaths, gun play, and themes that involve elitists trying to eliminate the lower class. 

Now, the series may be taking a new direction. Original director James DeMonaco has moved on from the property is and reportedly not coming back. With that said, Burning Sands director Gerard McMurray has signed on the dotted line to take over for the fourth movie. McMurray's film was a huge Sundance hit that chronicled university hazing. He also served as a producer on the amazing reality drama, Fruitvale Station.