News: Suicide Squad 2 May Have A Director With The Shallows Jaume Collet-Serra

Suicide Squad was one of the most divisive comic book movies as of late. Coming on the coattails of the other divided release of Batman V Superman, fans weren't sure what to think of where the DCEU was headed. Luckily enough, the first all villain movie by DC ended up doing damn good business at the box office, which proved that not all movies need a great script or acting to succeed. With Wonder Woman a verified box office juggernaut and Justice League in the final stages of production, it looks like those baddies might be starting to make some forward momentum back to the big screen. 

We're not sure if the script is completed yet, but Warner and DC are hot and bothered to get another Suicide Squad into theaters as soon as possible. Tonight, word comes down that the director of the awesome shark attack movie The Shallows is now the frontrunner to take the gig.  Jaume Collet-Serra has previously headed horror projects like the 2005 House of Wax and the creepy 2009 thriller, Orphan. 

Collet-Serra better get his ducks in a row because comic book movies and that fandom are a whole different animal. His work on The Shallows was great, so hopefully he can handle a project with this big of a budget and massive action set pieces.