Release News: DC Animated Making Gotham By Gaslight Next

With the DC Extended Universe finally gaining some positive momentum and fans getting behind the Wonder Woman movie, the animated world of Batman is going to get a lot more interesting. Following the upcoming Batman and Harley Quinn blu-ray, the Gotham Knight is going to get another movie in their animation catalog. As one of their popular Elseworlds titles, Gotham By Gaslight will be their next entry. 

The story follows Batman in an alternate timeline that exists in the Victorian era. In the graphic novel, Bruce attempts to solve the case of Jack The Ripper as the famous serial killer ventures to Gotham City. It features an introduction to Commissioner Gordon and even has a brief mention of a Victorian Joker. This should be a really cool break away from their typical animated releases as it's an alternate story line that will transition well to their never ending series of blu-ray titles.