Review: Milfs vs Zombies (2015)

The zombie craze has pitted the undead against several unique and comedic adversaries. Office workers, mall shoppers, and spring breaking teenagers have all battled for survival against the never ending zombie horde. Yet today is the day of the milf, and zombies beware the wrath of a middle aged woman who just wants a night out with friends to get her drink on. Milfs vs Zombies is everything you'd imagine it to be. This low budget spectacle falls in the 'so bad it's good' category. Only those with a love for bad acting and crude jokes will appreciate the corny spin on this tried and tired genre. 

When a group of friends meet up for drinks, they are oblivious when a zombie epidemic suddenly breaks out. The night full of husband bashing and child venting is finally interrupted when a transgender little person rushes past the window being perused by a pair of the undead. This begins the zombie shenanigans. 

With a mixture of humor and gore, MvZ tip toes some pretty bizarre territory. If you're looking for scary zombies with realistic gortastic flesh rot, you've come the wrong place. The only thing cheaper than the undead make-up effects in this film is the 2 for 1 sale on Spam at the Dollar Tree, where quite possibly a lot of the make-up for this film was purchased. But never fear, the cheesy humor will have you laughing the whole film, and then feeling bad for laughing about it afterward. This film is full of eye rolling humor. If crude sexual jokes are your thing, then rejoice and enjoy the perverted dialogue that only low budget films can deliver (estimated $1,500). Like most similarly executed films, there are plenty of things to find wrong if you feel compelled to point them out. Yet doing so would be like a restaurant critic going to a fast food dive and criticizing the establishment for not serving a four star gourmet meal.

Remember to floss after every meal
ZvM spends a decent amount of time in a S&M house party which provides a bizarre bouquet of laughs. If you dig leather gimp masks, you'll probably dig this film, or be offended. Its a toss up, but MvZ makes no apologies. This film knows what it is, which allows it to thrive in other areas rather than trying to be something it isn’t. 

Most of the cast and production have worked together on several similar themed films. It isn't a Troma produced feature, but legendary independent film producer Lloyd Kaufman does makes an appearance as newscaster Melvin Brooks. Lastly, MvZ is full of gratuitous nudity! It's the cherry on top salt bae sprinkle of any low budget horror film. This film is full of lots of boobies and one very unfortunate penis. When your jiggly wigglies are hanging out in a film full of flesh eating zombies bad things are bound to happen. 

Will the milfs survive the zombie attack, or will the undead put these bored suburban housewives out of their miserable existence? You’ll have to check out this film to find out. If you do so, don’t forget the crackers, you’ll need it to scoop up all that sweet bad film cheese.


-Lee L. Lind