Rumor Mill: Alien Franchise Being Reassessed By Fox, Sequels May Not Happen

All is not well in the world of Ridley Scott's Alien franchise. With Covenant turning out to lackluster ticket sales and fans beginning to abandon the series, it appears that the future of the Xenomorph is now possibly on the chopping block or at least a change in leadership. Many followers complained about Prometheus and Covenant both abandoning the horror aspects and adding way too much to the mythology. 

Where properties like Star Wars can use expansion of characters and story, the biggest complaint you here about these movies is that they give too much away, stripping away the darkness of the creature. While Prometheus did great box office sales, Covenant was immediately hampered by backlash, no return ticket sales, and poor reviews. 

Now it appears that Fox is reassessing the franchise as a whole. And apparently, the future is not quite as locked in as it was made to sound. According to numerous sources including The Hollywood Reporter, they're considering abandoning Scott's plans for two more sequels and are trying to figure out a new way to go with the series. Scott is currently on another project with Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Spacey, The Cartel. 

As many fans will say, a film version of Alien: Isolation or the Neill Blomkamp sequel would be a great idea right about now to get the series back on even footing.