Trailers: The Transgender Comedy TV Series The Switch

This is a trailer for the upcoming transgender comedy TV series The Switch.

It was created by Amy Fox, written by Wren Handman and Shevon Singh, directed by Jem Garrard, and stars Nyla Rose, Amy Fox, Vincent Viezzer and Lindsay Coryne. It will be released on VOD on August 15, 2017. Check out the synopsis and trailer below.

"Unfolding over six episodes, THE SWITCH follows expat Sü (Nyla Rose) as she settles into life in her adopted Vancouver. Along the way, she botches the metric system while online shopping for hormones and winds up more than broke, tries to pay off debts by moonlighting as a text message dominatrix (until her boyfriend suspects she’s texting her ex), sets up a double-date that leads to a fistfight over the bill, and finds out that someone is trying to mess with her medical records – which is a problem because she’s fudged her paperwork so she can be considered for gender reassignment surgery. She has to fix all this without getting deported…while living with a roommate who’s a wanted eco-terrorist."