TV News: Game of Thrones To Get Expanded Episodes For Its Final Season

Most fans of HBO's mega-hit series were a little disappointed that they wouldn't be getting many more seasons of their favorite show. When it was announced that season 7 and 8 would feature the final episodes of the show, many were shocked that the cable station didn't want to extend this to 10 or more seasons considering the massive successes of the property. 

Tonight, there's word coming down that the episodes of season 7 will be the normal length but the final 8th season will see a change in that format. Earlier it was announced that the finale would only be 6 episodes which caused a bit of moaning. But now, it looks like each final show will be an extended 80 minute episode, which will definitely put a smile on the faces of die hard fans. 

Season 7 premieres on July 17th. So sharpen your sword and be ready.