Videos: 15 BIGGEST Fails Nintendo Wants You To Forget

This is a new video from GamingBolt that lists the 15 biggest fails Nintendo wants you to forget. Nintendo has been a fixture in the gaming world since the company decided to venture into electronics in the mid-1970s. Their success reached new heights with the NES during the 80s and they have been around since. Being around so long through so many changes means that there were some mistakes along the way, some very big mistakes. Check out the synopsis and video below to find out what they are.

"To slightly alter a quote from the recently released Breath of the Wild, the history of Nintendo is also the history of the video game industry. They were here in the dark days, they were here when the console market boomed, they were here when the handheld market was pioneered, they were here for the HD era, and they are here even now. And for that to have happened, for Nintendo to have been a constant, significant fixture in the market for so long, they'd have to have done something right. A lot, actually, and there's no denying that that is exactly what they have done. But they've also made mistakes- a whole shitload of them, if we're being honest. There's two sides to every coin, and while Nintendo have been at the forefront of countless revolutions and changes in the industry, they've also royally messed up on a number of occasions. Here, in this feature, we're going to take a look at the fifteen biggest fails in Nintendo's long and storied history."