Videos: Watch Neill Blomkamp's New Oats Studio Short Film God: Serengeti

Oats Studios has released a new short film titled God: Serengeti. It is another short film for Neill Blomkamp's experimental film project titled Oats Studios: Volume 1 and they have made it available to watch for free. This one was co-written and directed by Blomkamp and stars Sharlto Copley as God. Copley is a frequent collaborator of Blomkamps'. This is the continuation of a series of experimental short films from his new developmental studio called Oats Studio, the first being the impressive Rakka. It is significantly shorter than the other short films that have been released thus far, providing us with new material while we await the release of Zygote. They will be available to purchase and watch on Steam. The shorts will function as test concepts for potential feature length films, or episodic series. They currently have several download packages to purchase that contain the short films, concept art, and 3D assets. Purchasing the films and content from Steam enables them to develop these short films into potential features without the assistance of a major film studio.